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Homesweet Learning Helps Students Learn!

Homesweet Learning

Our personalized live online tutoring, test-prep, homework help and enrichment programs will boost your child's grades and confidence.

High self-esteem, an active and agile mind, and an understanding of how to study, learn, and think - these are the outcomes that Homesweet Learning can put within your child's reach. We help children learn how to learn.

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Enrichment Programs:

  • Inspire creativity, promote interest, and solve challenging problems
  • Help your child achieve excellent GPA from school
  • Train your child to get top scores in SAT and ACT tests
  • Prepare your child for national and international competitions such as AMC and Science Olympiad

Tutoring Services:

  • Assess your child's academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Create personal plans tailored to your child's needs
  • Teach your child based on his/her own skill level and pace
  • Measure the progress your child is making with each lesson

All enrichment classes and tutoring sessions are offered through our live virtual classroom so your child can attend the class from the comfort of your home. All you need is a PC, Mac, or tablet, and high-speed Internet access.

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