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Get 250 Math Kangaroo practice questions for only 99 cents

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Get 250 Math Kangaroo practice questions for only 99 cents: 

Extra Help Before 2018 Math Kangaroo

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2018 Math Kangaroo is around the corner. Let us know if you need any extra help from us to boost your child's score. Contact us ( if you:

  1. Need more Math Kangaroo simulation questions
  2. Need any past test papers from any country in any year
  3. Need our tutors to create video solutions explaining any questions
  4. Need to book an online live tutoring session with our Math Kangaroo specialists

MathJump, Like A Kangaroo! ebook edition is now available on Amazon

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MathJump! on AmazonThe MathJump, Like A Kangaroo! ebook edition is now available on Amazon. Please review from this link: The ebook edition has more questions than are available from the free MathJump! app. If you need even more questions to practice for the Math Kangaroo contest, please contact us at

We have more Math Kangaroo Simulation Questions

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Thank you all for downloading our MathJump! app that provides practice questions to simulate Math Kangaroo contest questions. We are adding more new question categories every week and for existing question categories, we are also adding more questions. If you want to have more Math Kangaroo simulating questions, other than the ones you already have in the app, be sure to contact us at

Math Kangaroo Practice Questions from MathJump! App

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Our popular Math Kangaroo practice questions are now available from a mobile app: MathJump! provides challenging math questions for students of Grades 1-4. MathJump! helps students prepare for the Math Kangaroo contest from level 1 to level 4, with hundreds of high-quality questions simulating the typical Math Kangaroo contest question categories.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a wonderful new year

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Thank you for your hard work teaching our children in this past year. Wishing you and your family the gift of good cheer this holiday season!

Homesweet Learning Management Team


Learn Java Programming in the Summer

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Summer is coming, with lots of fun activities for the students. One of the fun activities to do is to learn Java programming with Temi. With 2 Bachelor's degrees from University of Toronto, one of them in software engineering, Temi is an experienced Java developer and teacher. Check her demo Youtube video at (If else statements), (Java loops) and (Java arrays). To enroll into her "Java for Kids" class, visit or send an email to!

Stanford University Offers Free Tuition

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The Stanford university said that no parents with an annual income and typical assets of less than $125,000 will have to pay a single cent toward tuition:

Harvard rejects about 95% of applicants

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In 2015, only 5.3% of applicants managed to get accepted to Harvard's class of 2019, because a record number of people applied, not because the already discerning school decided to admit fewer students.

Play Chess Online!

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Homesweet Learning has developed 2 chess game resources for you:

  1. You can play chess online with our chess robot here
  2. You can also play chess online with your friend or tutor here

If you need help improving your chess skills, you can simply register with our Chess Mentor programs at different levels from beginner to intermediate to advanced.