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Math Kangaroo Grade 3 4

Practise simulated contest questions for Math Kangaroo Contest preparation for Grade 3 and Grade 4 students:  GO

You can also try the popular mobile app: MathJump, like a Kangaroo! It provides challenging math questions for students of Grades 1-4. MathJump! helps students prepare for the Math Kangaroo contest from level 1 to level 4, with hundreds of high-quality questions simulating the typical Math Kangaroo contest question categories.

MathJump! on AmazonThe MathJump, Like A Kangaroo! ebook edition is also available on Amazon. Please review from this link:

The ebook edition has more questions than are available from the free MathJump! app. If you need even more questions to practice for the Math Kangaroo contest, please contact us at


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We have also compiled a large selection of past Math Kangaroo test papers for your kids to practice: GO 

And we have created video solutions to some challenging Math Kangaroo questions: GO