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Providing personalized live online tutoring, Homesweet Learning Inc. is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, and its teachers, tutors, and students are all across the world, primarily in Canada and USA. It provides homework & test-prep tutoring and enrichment services to school-age children. Its live online tutoring and enrichment programs cover math, sciences, computer programming, SAT & ACT test prep, chess, English, French, Spanish, etc. All of its services and programs are delivered live, on demand and online.

At, we believe every child learns in his or her own way, meaning personal attention can make all the difference in mastering any academic subject. With our online tutoring and enrichment classes, our teachers make fun and engaging learning plan customized for your child, so your child can soar with newfound skills and confidence. It’s no wonder kids love coming to

Our small-size enrichment classes and personalized tutoring sessions can help your children review and enhance subject matter knowledge and get better scores in school exams as well as standardized tests such as SAT, SSAT, PSAT, and ACT. But the results from our online tutoring and enrichment programs extend far beyond higher test scores. You’ll see your child develop better study habits and positive attitudes that can inspire greater success in the classroom every day.

Your child can take our classes from the comfort of your sweet home, through our real-time virtual classroom. All you need is a PC or tablet, and a high-speed Internet access. This provides great convenience for busy parents. There is no more worry about bad weather or traffic delay.

Our team of teachers and tutors include certified teachers, college professors, graduate students and professionals with Masters Degrees, Ph.D.'s and Ivy League credentials. All of our teachers and tutors underwent an extensive screening, certification and background-check process before they are hired and assigned to help your child. 

Homesweet Learning Inc. is not just a provider of online teaching services but also a pioneer in innovative AI-powered educational software. Our commitment to education encompasses the cutting-edge tools and resources exemplified by Quizza AI. This AI-powered platform revolutionizes the creation, management, and distribution of quizzes, enhancing both learning and teaching experiences. Its main features include AI-assisted educational material creation, AI-assisted grading of student assignments, and AI-assisted student tutoring. For more information about Quizza AI, visit

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