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Live Classroom Sessions

What is the size of your online enrichment classes?

There are 2 types of classes: one-on-one classes, where a teacher helps one student privately, and group classes, where the class size is usually 5-10 students.

How do I schedule and re-schedule a one-on-one session?

When you are registering for a one-on-one session, you specify your desired day and time. And we will get the best qualified tutors who are available at your desired times for you.

If you want to change your schedule with your tutor before your tutoring sessions have started, you can do so by clicking the "Change" link in the class scheduling emails, or by navigating to the Classes page. Any schedule changes will need to be confirmed by the teacher, who may reschedule the class again based on his or her availability.

You cannot change the schedule of group classes.

How do I leave a review for an enrichment class or tutoring session?

Each enrichment class and tutoring service that you register for has a homepage. You can leave your reviews by clicking the "add review" link on the homepage. You can also send your comments to, and we will discuss with your teacher on any issues you reported.

How do I cancel a registration?

you can cancel your registration before your classes start. And we will reimburse you for the tutoring sessions that you have not used. However, you will lose the discount that we usually offer to families that book 5 or 10 tutoring sessions in advance.

To cancel a registration, either click the "Cancel" link in the class schedule email, or navigate to the Classes page, or send an email to

I can't get into the WebEx virtual classroom.

To get into the WebEx virtual classroom, you will need the URL link for the WebEx class meeting that we sent to you by email before each class or tutoring session. If you have not received the WebEx URL link information 2 hours before the session, discuss with our help desk (

I experienced technical difficulties during my session.

If you're experiencing technical difficulties during your virtual classroom session, here are a few things that we recommend you try in order to resolve the issues:

1. Please try refreshing the page you are experiencing the technical issues on.

2. Close other applications on your desktop that are not needed for your current session. All running applications take up resources and Your computer works better when not stressed.

3. Restarting your computer may help in restoring any settings that may be causing the issue for your browser or operating system, especially if the audio and video worked previously.

3. Try login to virtual classroom from a different browser. Google Chrome is our recommended browser, but if that's what you are currently using, we'd recommend trying Firefox.

4. To achieve the best sound quality, we recommend you use a microphone headset for your PC instead of using your PC's built-in mic.

5. If you still have technical issues, discuss with our help desk people and we will be happy to assist you.