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Trial Sessions

What is the trial session?

All students can register for a trial session for any tutoring programs. The purpose of the trial session is for the student to meet with the teacher and see if the enrichment class or tutoring service is a good fit for him/her. The trial sessions are usually 30 minutes, and are either free or for a small fee.

Is the trial session free?

Some of the trial sessions are entirely free, while others are only for a small fee.

Can I make multiple accounts to receive the free trial more than once?

We only offer one free trial per student per program. If you make multiple accounts, the free trial minutes will be removed for all additional accounts.

Why was I charged for my trial session?

We charge some of our trial sessions a small fee. This is to accommodate the large number of students for our popular programs. For free trial sessions, you should not be charged. If you are charged, call our help desk and we will reimburse you for that.

Can I cancel my registration after my free trial, before any charges are made?

You can cancel your registration at anytime, including after your free trial. If you cancel after your free trial, no charges to your account will be made.