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Chess Mentor

Want to improve your child's chess with a chess grandmaster? Try our online Chess Mentor program, the most effective interactive chess tutoring and training program ever created!

Weather your child's chesss skills are at the beginner level, intermediate level, or advanced level, our online Chess Mentor program can:

  • Boost his/her rating and tournament performance,
  • Improve his/her tactics and strategies,
  • Show him/her how Grandmasters think about each move,
  • Let him/her have fun at playing chess!

You can enroll your child into our online Chess Mentor program for one-on-one, one-on-two, or one-on-three tutoring help, where our chess masters and grandmasters provide personalized instructions to help your child. Or you can enroll into our Chess Mentor classes, where your child can learn the chess skills in a group environment while having fun with other kids.

Our Chess Mentor classes are offered at 3 general levels. Each level consists of 20 sessions, 1 session a week, with each session about 1 hour long. The session consists of instructor teaching as well as instructor-supervised practicing.

Service Fee

Online sessions for beginners  (30 minute free trial)

Online sessions for intermediate playes  (30 minute free trial)

Online sessions for advanced players  (30 minute free trial)

$25/hour (10+ sessions)* 

$27/hour (5+ sessions)

$29/hour (1-4 sessions)

* The $25/hour discount is not available in all areas; more discounts are available when 2+ students share the same session.

Above programs include a 30 minute FREE trial session!

Questions? Visit our FAQ page and check out our 100% money-back refund policy.

You can enroll in our online Chess Mentor program offered at after-school hours, evening hours, or weekend hours. All sessions are offered through our real-time virtual classroom so your child can attend the sessions from the comfort of your home. All you need is a PC or tablet, and a high-speed Internet access (a web camera is not needed, as communication is audio and screen sharing only). Questions? Visit our FAQ page.