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High School Math Help!

High School Math Help! is a flexible enrichment program to help Grade 9-12 students.

High School Math Help! will stimulate student's interest in lifelong Math learning through extension activities and cooperative work, allowing children of similar abilities and interests to work together.

High School Math Help! covers the following high school math topics:

Grade 9: exponents, proportional reasoning, expressions and equations, data management, linear relations, properties of slope, relationship between equation of a relation and shape of its graph, optimal values of measurements of rectangles, perimeter, area, and volume, etc.

Grade 10: quadratic relations, graphs of quadratic relations, analytic geometry, trigonometry, modelling linear relations, etc.

Grade 11: characteristics of functions, exponential functions, discrete functions, trigonometric functions, mathematical models, etc.

Grade 12: exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions, polynomial and rational functions, characteristics of functions, calculus and vectors, counting and probability, probability distributions, statistical analysis, etc.


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You can enroll in the Middle School Math Help! program offered at after-school hours, evening hours, or weekend hours. All sessions are offered through our real-time virtual classroom so your child can attend the sessions from the comfort of your home. All you need is a PC or tablet, and a high-speed Internet access (a web camera is not needed, as communication is audio and screen sharing only).