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What programming language to teach kids?

Last modified on 2015-01-16

Many parents  hope that their sons and/or daughters will get involved with technology at an early age. Computer programming, as a way to get kids involved in technology, can be taught and well understood by today's kids as early as when they are 6 years old. That may seem like a little too early as at that age, because the child barely has any formal educational background. However, the truth is that computer programming teaches kids logic thinking, and logic is something that children should embrace as early as possible (some education experts say that kids should embrace logic even before they learn how to speak a language).

A more common age, for many children, seem to be around 12 or 13, or the equivalent of 7th or 8th grade. Unfortunately, today's public schools usually will not teach kids computer programming until after they are in Grade 11 or 12. Luckily, there are some online schools, like, that teaches kids 10-15 Java For Kids and Mobile Game Programming For Kids.  More...

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Why teach kids programming?

Last modified on 2018-09-24

Why teach kids coding? Compared with their parents, today's kids absorb information and use new technologies like they're old hat. No better group is more prepared to learn coding than children.For kids, taking a coding class is not just a process of learning to code, but also a process of coding to learn.

Unfortunately, most of North America's public schools do not offer computer programming courses until Grade 11 or 12. And even if your local school system offers computer science courses, chances are those courses are electives that won’t count toward core science or mathematics credit.

There are, however, schools like that offer online classes that teach kids coding. They have online coding class such as Java For Kids and Mobile Game Programming For Kids, from which kids can learn Java and mobile game programming in a fun and engaging way.  More...

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Gen X parents & their high-tech kids

Last modified on 2014-10-01

Are you a Gen X parent? If you are, you might be the last generation with the low-tech childhoods. What are your challenges of parenting today's high-tech kids? Check this link Washington Post


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Are the top colleges turning our kids to zombies?

Last modified on 2014-09-23

Are the top colleges turning our kids to zombies? You may not agree but do check this interesting article on our nation's top colleges:


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US High School Ranking

Last modified on 2014-09-21

THis link will give you the ranking of US high schools nationwide and by state. These are all public schools.

This link will give you the ranking of the top STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) high schools.


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What is American Mathematics Competition (AMC)?

Last modified on 2014-09-15

There are 3 levels of American Mathematics Competition. AMC 8 and AMC 10, and AMC 12.

The AMC 8 is a 25-question multiple-choice contest for middle-school students in grades 8 and below who are under 14.4 years of age on the day of the contest. The material covered is the middle school mathematics curriculum. Topics include probability, estimation, percentages, spatial visualization, everyday applications and reading and interpreting graphs. The AMC 8 is for students in the sixth through eighth grade, although accelerated fourth and fifth graders can also take part. The AMC 8 is 25 questions in length and is multiple choice with no penalty for guessing. The contest takes only 40 minutes. A student's score is the number of problems correctly answered. The AMC 8 is administered in schools in November.  More...

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Why should you teach your kid chess?

Last modified on 2014-09-15

Chess can be a source of great joy. There are many advantages of learning to play chess at a young age like improving concentration, logic, spacial thinking etc. My dad taught me when I was 5 and he doesn't regret it, nor does I as an adult now.

Will playing chess cause social isolation? i don't think so. In fact, for me it is quite the opposite - i have made some good friends through chess, and it has added another branch to my social network. Some particular local competitions are more social events than chess events, as I know most of the kids there from the chess circuit, and we have a laugh and mess around. Then again, maybe it's because I'm a girl and I think there are more solidary boys than girls.

So should you teach chess to your children? I don't have any children of my own right now, but if I did, and provided they wanted to learn, I would have no hesitation in teaching them.

What do you think? Would you teach your kids to play chess? Have you already done so? If so, do you regret it?


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Many universities will collapse as students choose to go online for their education

Last modified on 2014-09-11

Many universities will collapse as students choose to go online for their education. This is the story reported by CNBC.


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Your kid's high school GPA is a strong predictor of his future earnings

Last modified on 2014-09-10

A team of researchers led by Michael T. French, professor of health economics at the University of Miami (UM), finds that high school grade point average (GPA) is a strong predictor of future earnings. For more details, read 


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Last modified on 2016-06-19

The SSAT (Secondary School Admission Test) is an admissions test administered to students in grades 3-11 to help determine placement into private independent schools. It is administered by the Secondary School Admission Test Board which can be reached on the web at or by phone at (609) 683-4440.

The SSAT is administered on three levels, depending on the student's current grade:


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