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Java For Kids

Java For Kids teaches coding for kids and programming for kids. Kids programming with Java is an excellent extracurricular opportunity for kids to learn coding in general, and to learn Java coding in particular, and perhaps more importantly, to develop problem solving skills. This course uses a very hands-on approach with lots of doing, lots of exercises and a minimum of theory. In this course, we teach kids programming by guiding them to think logically, designing projects and communicating ideas using stackable blocks of code. In this course, students will learn:

  • Programming Introduction, Java Introduction, Installation of Eclipse; Java statements, Java variables
  • Java basic data types, Java Operators, if .. else
  • Java Loops, while , do .. while , for loops
  • Java Arrays - creating and using, command line I/O
  • Create a simple command line game program
  • Java Graphics - drawRectangle, drawCircle
  • Java Animation - basic movement, clearScreen, delay
  • Capturing and handling keyboard and mouse events
  • Create a simple Java GUI game
  • Java exception and error handling
  • Java methods - Passing arguments and return types
  • Java classes - constructors
  • Scope and Multiple constructors; inheritance
  • create a 2nd Java GUI game

Java For Kids is suitable for kids 10-18 years old. It consists of 20 sessions (20 hours), 1 session (1 hour) a week. Each session consists of 1 hour of teaching. Kids who want to learn how to develop mobile games should take the Mobile Game Programming For Kids course. But Java For Kids is a prerequisite for that course. 

Price for Java for Kids Program

Service Fee

Java for Kids online sessions (30 minute free trial)

$25/hour (10+ sessions)* 

$27/hour (5+ sessions)

$29/hour (1-4 sessions)

* The $25/hour discount is not available in all areas; more discounts are available when 2+ students share the same session.

 Above program includes a 30 minute FREE trial session!

Questions? Visit our FAQ page and check out our 100% money-back refund policy.

You can enroll in Java For Kids course offered at after-school hours, evening hours, or weekend hours. All sessions are offered through our real-time virtual classroom so your child can attend the sessions from the comfort of your home. All you need is a PC or tablet, and a high-speed Internet access (a web camera is not needed, as communication is audio and screen sharing only). Questions? Visit our FAQ page.